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4 Techniques on Memory Care’s Cutting Edge


"As memory care providers compete to meet the needs of a growing segment of Americans with dementia, many are turning to innovative solutions that revolve around engaging the senses...

At Silverado Senior Living, a memory care provider in eight states that also offers home and hospice care, the concept of a MSE is applied throughout its communities’ three neighborhoods.

Each neighborhood is created to meet a different degree of dementia needs, says Stephen F. Winner, senior vice president and chief of culture at Silverado.

'The third neighborhood is the sensory group,' Winner says, noting that the sensory-focused neighborhood houses residents at the most progressed stage of dementia. “Incorporating the senses is the best means to communicate with them'...

'The purpose of our sensory room is to grab all five senses and re-engage residents with their environment,' he says. 'The goal is to trigger deep-seated memory through feel, smell, taste, touch and sound.'

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