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Bride Opts for Wedding Reception at Alzheimer's Home So Ailing Mother Can Attend


By Rebekah Lowin / TODAY Parents
Posted on January 22, 2016

"Linda Napolitano, 66, was diagnosed six years ago with early onset Alzheimer's disease, and is now in the late stages of the incurable, progressive brain disorder.

With no family history of the disease and such an early diagnosis, it's no surprise that her daughter, 30-year-old Julia Napolitano of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, hadn't been prepared to experience her wedding day (and the months of planning that came before it) without her mom by her side...

Napolitano realized she had to continue to find ways to make both her life and her mother's life meaningful. 'She may not be the same person in every sense, but she is alive,' she said. 'And we need to share that life, even if it's only for a short amount of time.'

But to have her leave Silverado, the Alzheimer's community and home she's grown accustomed to over the past several years, was nearly unthinkable. The way the bride saw it, there was only one option left: She and her now-husband, Justin Phillips, 28, would bring the wedding to her mom instead..."

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