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Post-Acute Care Collaboration


Senior Living Executive - In the "Post-Acute Care Collaboration" article by John Manasso, Silverado Senior Vice President of Health Service Kim Butrum shares her expertise about home health and clinical outcomes.

"While Silverado handles its own home health care and own hospice, it’s worth noting that the company has created separate divisions to run them— Silverado At Home and Silverado Hospice. It’s also illuminating that the company created Silverado Hospice out of a response several years ago to its own nurses who suggested that the company offer such services. This speaks to the power of demand.

“When you have strong focused partners that cover the continuum— Silverado At Home, our communities, and Silverado Hospice—it shows how working together you can achieve these outcomes and that’s why systems need to look at who are their partners,” says Silverado Vice President of Health Services Kim Butrum. 

One way Silverado keeps its readmission rates low is by closely monitoring residents who return from acute hospital visits. For the first three days after that resident returns, Silverado performs what it calls “behavior mapping,” Butrum says. Research indicates that the first three days after a resident returns from an acute hospital stay represents a critical time for readmission. Consequently, Silverado caregivers document every half hour of a resident’s activity during that period.

“So you have to have a special focus during that time period so we know if we’re really tracking them closely we’re going to pick up the subtle behavior or functional change,” she says. “That is usually how a person with a memory impairing disease will present with an illness.”

She gives the examples of if, all of a sudden, a resident stopped eating, if he or she were not walking as strongly as in the past, or if the resident were suffering from pain. Butrum also notes that Silverado conducts a medication reconciliation. A resident who does not begin his or her proper medication for a few weeks could suffer the kinds of effects that would lead to the resident’s being readmitted to the hospital."

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