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Precious Memories Lost


West Suburban Living Magazine, Denise Linke- 

In a story about caring for families affected by Alzheimer’s, Denise Linke highlights Silverado Naperville Memory Care Community's innovative care, support groups, and expert resources. 

"Some memory care facilities offer outreach programs for patients and caregivers living at home. “We run a support group for at-home caregivers,” says Ellen Pacak, community ambassador for Silverado’s Naperville facility. “We bring in doctors, nutritionists and other professionals to talk with them about how to care for their loved ones and for themselves. They can bring their loved ones with them to participate in engagement activities with our residents. If the best place for a patient is in his or her own home, we want to help keep that patient there as long as possible...

Silverado staff members encourage residents to volunteer for real-life tasks at the facility, Pacak says. “Some ladies may believe they’re still at home keeping house for their families, but they still know the difference between pretend housework and real housework,” she observes. “Several of them love to come down to the laundry room and fold sheets. It makes them feel productive and successful, which is very important to their mental and emotional well-being.” Other residents offer to do office work or management tasks, such as drawing up budgets and work schedules, that they used to do in their professional lives.

“Even if we have to redo the work later, it’s still a real-life job that they can take pride in accomplishing,” notes Pacak."

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