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Silverado Hospice Patient Experiences "One More Shift" with Houston Fire Department


By David P. Gill, Silverado

There's no better feeling than putting a smile on a face. Teams from across Silverado do it every day as part of our mission to enrich lives.

One of the ways our hospice team brings joy is through their Go Wish program. The program encourages family members to talk about what’s important to them – should life be shortened by serious illness.

Just yesterday, Go Wish helped Silverado resident and hospice patient Rufus Smith's wish come true.

The 21-year veteran firefighter was granted "one more shift" at the Houston Fire Department (HFD), where he had an opportunity to ride once again in a fire truck and enjoy lunch with the crew. Rufus retired 41 years ago as a senior captain with HFD's Station 7. He and his station were instrumental in fighting some of the city's hottest fires. Over the past few decades, Rufus has also acted as a mentor to many of the city's firefighters.

After being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, he moved to Silverado Sugar Land Memory Care Community in January 2013, where he has continued to live life to the fullest – even while on hospice!

To see Rufus' Go Wish experience, check out the news coverage below: 

ABC 13 Houston
Your Houston News

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