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The right people, who trust the leadership and solid core values can help make a company culture succeed


Smart Business Magazine - October 6, 2015 - 

Smart Business Magazine interviewed Silverado President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board Loren Shook in an article about organizations with excellent culture and how they achieve it. Read the full article here

“As Loren Shook, co-founder, chairman, president and CEO of Silverado Senior Living sought to finalize a deal with an investor who would own part of the organization, he wanted to make sure there was alignment and a shared vision, just as there had been.

Shook was also very aware of his staff and the responsibility he felt to keep them appraised of what was happening. But he also felt confident that he had established a track record of trustworthy leadership.

'The culture has to be there before big decisions come about,' Shook says. 'You don’t create the culture at the time you have a big decision where you need people to be confidential and you need people to come to you and say, ‘I heard what you said in the conference call. But here’s what I’m worried about, Loren.’ You have to have that kind of open trust in the company. That has to be there before those issues come up.'

Shook shared what was happening with his senior leadership team — the pros and cons of the deal — and asked them to keep it from going public since the deal was still being finalized.

He says finding employees who can thrive in your culture and have trust in the way you do things requires a similar approach as when you’re doing your due diligence on possible lenders.."


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