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Setting up in-home care for a loved one raises many questions about what type of care is provided, who provides it and when it is available. This page is designed to answer these questions and many other common queries about homecare.

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Q: What kinds of services does Silverado At Home Provide?
A: Silverado At Home provides full-service in home care, from initial needs evaluations and care plan development with a dedicated Life Care Manager to daily care from personal attendants scheduled as-needed. Clients are also welcome to spend time at Silverado Memory Care Communities at no additional charge to engage in activities and engagement programs.

Q: What type of tasks to personal attendants perform?
A: Silverado At Home personal attendants help with the needs of daily living, including basic care, medication reminders, light housekeeping and assistance with meal preparation and personal hygiene. They are specially trained to deal with the unique challenges of clients with dementia. One of the most important parts of a personal attendant’s care is companionship and providing friendship and engagement to the client.

Q: Is it safe?
A: All Silverado At Home associates go through a thorough screening that includes a background check, drug test and ethics test. There is also extensive liability insurance coverage that benefits both the client and caregiver. In California, they are also fingerprinted.

Q: What conditions do you provide care for?
A: Silverado At Home provides services for memory loss/dementia, recovery after serious injury or surgery, limited mobility, chronic illnesses and any other condition that requires extra assistance at home.

Q: What ages do you provide care for?
A: Silverado At Home provides in home care for clients age 18 and over.

Q: My loved one is not comfortable with strangers in his/her home. How can we overcome this?
A: Every effort is made to match Silverado At Home personal attendants with their client’s personality and preferences. Additionally, a warm and friendly demeanor is one of the traits sought out in hiring associates.

Q: What are your hours?
A: In home care is available any time, including overnight and holidays, and can be assigned as-needed with very little notice.

Q: Can I hire you for just a day/week/month?
A: Services are available for any length of time.. 

Q: What are your options for full-time care?
A: In home care is available on both a live-in and 24 hour basis. Live-in personal attendants reside at the client’s home while 24 hour care is provided by different personal attendants who come and go in shifts.

Q: How much does care cost?
A: Service is personalized for each client’s needs, so the cost can vary greatly. Initial consultations with our Life Care Managers are complimentary. We recommend scheduling an LCM visit as the first step.

Q: What is a Life Care Manager?
A: Silverado At Home Life Care Managers (LCMs) are skilled, experienced case managers who help clients and their families navigate current challenges and prepare for future needs.  LCMs provide a thorough assessment and develop a care plan tailored to each individual client. They also manage needs based on changes in condition, updating care plans to fit. LCMs bring expertise and training in specialized care management related to Alzheimer’s and other memory-impairing conditions, though they are experienced in managing care for any need.

Q: What are the benefits of care in-home?
A: Remaining in the familiar surroundings of home can help reduce stress, particularly for those with memory impairment. It also helps prevent “transfer trauma,” a specific kind of stress that comes from changing environments.

Q: What sets Silverado At Home apart?
A: Silverado’s philosophy revolves around world-class care achieved through a dual focus on compassion and clinical excellence. A client’s dignity and comfort are at the heart of every assignment, whether it be short-term or live-in. Silverado At Home clients receive care that is centered on them and tailored based on their unique needs and personalities. 

Q: Do you only care for clients with dementia?
A: While dementia care is a specialty and associates are trained to deal with its unique challenges, Silverado At Home personal attendants have the skills to handle almost any home care need.

Q: Do you provide home nursing?
A: While personal attendants are provided with some clinical background, we are not a home nursing provider. We do, however, have extensive experience coordinating with outside nursing agencies.

Q: When is in-home care the right choice?
A: When a loved one's ability to live independently is compromised it can cause a great deal of uncertainty and anxiety. Every situation is unique, but discussing options with someone experienced in the matter can help relieve the burden.

Q: What if I need to relocate myself or a loved one?
A: Silverado At Home offers customized packages, tailored to meet individual needs – including, but not limited to, an assessment of travel needs, coordination of travel arrangements and one-on-one care support. These services can be used for local, national and international travel assistance – even vacations!

Q: Can personal attendants take my loved one to appointments and other events?
A: Transportation is a service provided by Silverado At Home associates. Direct expenses such as mileage, groceries, etc. will be added to the next billing cycle, but with no surcharges or fees.

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