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Nancy had always been independent. She was an only child used to entertaining herself and she did things her way. So when Nancy’s dementia made it necessary for her to move into Silverado Sugar Land after 30 years of living alone, her daughter Beth wondered how she would react to a roommate.

When Beth made the decision to move Nancy to Silverado Sugar Land she worried about her mom being in a new world with new faces and routines. She worried about how Nancy would react to the changes, but her biggest concern was about a roommate. Sharing a room turned out to be just one of many adjustments for Nancy. Beth explained, “Mom was no longer free to walk out the front door and wander away. She seemed calmer and less distracted in this new living space.”

One day Beth sat on the Silverado patio visiting with Nancy and her roommate, Pat. “I listened to Mom and Pat talk about how much they adored Mom’s dog, Tommy. They took turns complimenting Tommy’s darling features and his playful nature,” Beth said. “And then the tone changed and they sounded like nagging sisters talking about why Pat went to bed so early and Mom so late. Pat said to Mom, ‘I wake up sometimes and you’re not here and I can’t go back to sleep.’ Mom’s response was, ‘Are you saying I’m a trouble maker?’ Pat replied, ‘Of course not but I don’t want you to have trouble because I kind of like you.’” “Well, thank you.” Nancy grinned. “I like you too.”

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