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Relocating a Loved One to a Silverado Community

In cases where relocation is required to bring a resident and Silverado together, we are eager, willing and prepared to provide assistance. 

Our background in memory care means that we have an unparalleled understanding of what is essential to successfully relocate someone dealing with memory impairment. This covers not only the initial assessment of what is required, but seeing to the unique clinical needs of each unique resident. Of particular importance to Silverado’s relocation team is ensuring the psychological wellbeing of the relocating resident and minimizing the transfer trauma that often comes with a change in surroundings. 

Silverado’s relocation process starts with a meeting with the resident, their family and local support personnel (physicians, case workers, etc.). Once a thorough transfer plan is developed and approved, a trained, qualified Silverado caregiver will accompany the resident during transfer, ensuring safety and comfort whether travel is via medical transport, commercial airline, private plane or ground transportation. Our full-service team will also coordinate the transfer of medical records and personal items.

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