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Memory Care Assisted Living

When living at home is no longer an option for a loved one it doesn’t mean that their days at home are over - all it means is that it’s time for a different home.

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Doug's Story

In January 2013, we realized my mother-in-law, who is 83, could not continue to live on her own.  Her dementia had gotten to the point where she was a danger to herself as well as those around her. It was difficult to keep her in the house and she was up all hours of the night.

My wife and I didn't know how we could keep our jobs and afford to take care of her at the same time.  Along came Silverado Senior Living. We looked at most of the assisted living places near us and most had a place to care for memory patients.

But Silverado was different. They are 100 percent dedicated to caring for memory impaired patients and it shows in everything about the facility, from the floor designs to the daily activities to the trained staff.  They have 24 hour nursing support and almost one caretaker for every resident. The care at Silverado is wonderful.

The caretakers enjoy my mother-in-law's uninhibited conversations and quirky behavior.   They are patient, dedicated and professional. We've seen how loving and caring they can be when she is having an exceptionally bad day.  They have the ability to re-direct her in a positive and loving manner.  In addition, the facility is extra clean and well maintained. My mother-in-law is doing as well as she can in her condition and we can enjoy visiting her without feeling stressed.  

This was the hardest decision we've ever had to make but it has turned out to be the best.  For memory care, we recommend Silverado without hesitation.

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