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Tracking Clinical Outcomes

Since receiving our first resident in June of 1997, we have tracked a range of clinical outcomes and quality of life indicators to help us better understand these important metrics and incorporate the added insight into our Memory Care and Hospice practices.

Taking a more informed approach to care is just one way we strive to enrich the lives of our residents and their families.

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Memory Care Community Clinical Outcomes


Transfer to ER/Urgent Care

One important metric for measuring the effectiveness of care is the number of residents/patients who leave the facility for emergency room or urgent care visits. This can be for disease-related illnesses, injuries from falls or sicknesses such as the flu.

  • Silverado company-wide (2018): 2.4%
  • Skilled nursing facilities* (non-Silverado): 11.9%
  • Assisted living** (non-Silverado): 34.6%


Hospital Readmissions Within 30 Days

The first 30 days after a resident leaves the care of a hospital are exceedingly vital to achieving long-term care goals. Silverado maintains a strong focus on preventing hospital readmissions through a policy of careful attention to the special needs of the recently-hospitalized.

  • Silverado company-wide (companywide 2018): 3.7%
  • Skilled nursing facilities* (non-Silverado): 21.1%


Acute Hospitalizations

Hospitalizations from acute conditions, which can include fall-related injuries and infections, are an indicator of a facility's clinical and safety practices.

  • Silverado company-wide (2018): 3.6%
  • Skilled nursing facilities* (non-Silverado): 20.0%
  • Assisted living** (non-Silverado): 23.9%


Deaths Receiving Hospice Service

Hospice services designed to help provide residents and patients with a dignified, comfortable passing are covered by Medicare. At Silverado we believe everyone deserves to end their journey with the utmost in compassion, so we make it a point to have hospice available for residents and their families who choose to receive it. 

  • Silverado company-wide (2018): 85.9%
  • Skilled nursing facilities (non-Silverado): 48%***
  • Assisted living facilities (non-Silverado): 48%***

Silverado Hospice Clinical Outcomes


Hospital Readmission Rate Within 30 Days (CMS)

The focus of hospice is comfort, so it is important to both prevent the stress of hospital readmissions and ensure that symptoms are properly controlled. Silverado's commitment to clinical excellence helps us keep hospice patients in place so they and their families can experience the full benefit of hospice.

  • Silverado company-wide (year-ending 2017): 2.5%
  • National Average***: 6.7%


Revocation Rate (NHPCO)

Patients and families have the right to stop hospice care at any time. This can be for many reasons, but generally it is because they have chosen to pursue a more aggressive treatment. Silverado's low revocation rate speaks to the effectiveness in helping make informed decisions. 

  • Silverado company-wide (year-ending 2017): 9.4%
  • National Average***: 25%


Conversion Rate

Conversion is measure of how quickly patients are admitted from time of referral. For those who are closer to end of life, an admit within 24 hours of referral may mean the difference between having a good, comfortable death or not.  

  • Silverado company-wide (year-ending 2017): 77.2%
  • National Average***: 73.7%



*Source for SNF averages CMS QM Report 2016 Q4 - 2017 Q3

**2010 National Survey of Residential Care Facilities. The NSRF was conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). The survey methodology and data dictionary re available from the NCHS website. (

***NHPCO 2016 National Hospice Utilization Average

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