VIDEO: Silverado Tustin Super Bowl Sliders Recipes

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Why settle for chips and dip during the big game? Silverado Community Ambassador and wine enthusiast Joe Pryor teamed up with Silverado Chef Bernadino Garcia to share tips for turning a Super Bowl party into a food and wine pairing.


The duo developed these dishes to share with readers/viewers: 

Cedar Plank Salmon Slider with Sancerre
Curry Turkey Slider with Chardonnay
Greek Lamb Slider with Shiraz
Classic Cheeseburger with Zinfandel

See recipes below:

Cedar Plank Salmon Sliders
1 pound Filet of Salmon
Pinch of salt
Sliced cucumber thin
1 egg white
¼ panko bread crumbs
1 cup tartar sauce
Slicer Bun or toasted sour dough bread slice thinly
Chop ½ of the Salmon finely
Rough chop ½ of the salmon
Cedar plank
¼ cup vegetable oil

Soak your cedar plank for at lead ½ hour. Combine chopped salmon egg whites, salt and bread crumbs in a large bowl. Remember chop the salmon with a chef knife. Do not use a food processor in order to retain the best texture. Form into 8 balls and press into sliders. Refrigerate the formed sliders for 30 minutes. Place cedar plank on BBQ for 5 minutes with the lid covered. Place sliders on oiled preheated cedar plank and cook covered for 10 minute. Remember every BBQ is different so time may vary. Place cooked Salmon on toasted bun spread with tartar sauce and add thinly sliced cucumber. You have the option of serving open faced. Serve immediately.

Curry Turkey Sliders
2 pounds ground turkey
2 tablespoons curry powder
2 cloves garlic, minced
½ cup finely chopped onion (preferably red onion)
½ cup bread crumbs
4 tablespoons vegetable oil
8 slices pepper jack cheese
8 large lettuce leaves
2 medium tomato, sliced
Flaky refrigerated biscuits or Slider Buns
Mix 1 cup mayonnaise with 1 tablespoon Patak’s Vindaloo Curry Paste Concentrate (or similar brand)

In a large bowl, combine turkey, curry powder, garlic and onion.  Add bread crumbs. Divide turkey mixture into sixteen balls. Press each ball into an inch thick patty about the size of a biscuit. Cook flaky refrigerated biscuits per their directions. Pour oil into heated skillet. Place patties on skillet and cook for 4-5 minutes per side on medium-high heat until cooked through. Melt cheese on top of patties for last couple of minutes of cooking. Cut biscuits through the middle to create a little hamburger buns. Spread the mayo mixture on each half of biscuit and assemble your turkey burger just like any other burger

Lamb Slider
1 Pound ground lamb (found in most Middle Eastern Market) 
¼ Cup of Panko Bread crumbs
½ teaspoon of fennel seeds
1 teaspoon of Greek oregano
1 cup of tzatkiki for spread
Flat bread, Pita bread, or slider buns

In a large bowl combine lamb, bread crumbs spices and mix well. Divide the mixture into 8 balls and press each ball into a patty. BBQ to desired doneness. Do not overcook. Spread buns with Tzatkiki place sliders on buns and serve immediately.

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