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Resident Holiday Art

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At Silverado we believe that personal expression is one of the best ways for residents to remain engaged and active. Art programs are one of the most popular activities in Silverado Communities, and we are proud of the beautiful pieces our residents produce. Every year our holiday greeting card features a new piece of resident art created in a Silverado community. Take a look at the masterpieces that our residents made:

 Alla Markoff

Alla Markoff

Alla was born and raised in Los Angeles. Her parents immigrated from Russia. Alla’s father was an opera singer and her mother coordinated many social events and parties. Her parents seemed to have a big influence on Alla and her older sister’s lives as both are known to be artistic and social people. Alla’s favorite hobby is painting. She has even sold many of her art pieces. She also enjoys decorating and sewing her own clothes. Alla has many friends who describe her as a very energetic and social person. Having this characteristic has been helpful for Alla, as she was a production assistant and worked throughout many studios in LA. Alla likes to entertain her friends either at home with her amazing gourmet cooking, which she learned from her mother, or she entertained her friends at different restaurants.

In addition, Alla was passionately involved in politics. She is a Democrat and championed for different politicians throughout her life and advocated for social change. Lastly, Alla loves children and animals. Her face always lights up when she sees children at Silverado and her beautiful Husky dog, Pushka, still continues to visit her at Silverado.

 Elaine Kaufman

Elaine Kaufman

Elaine was born in Wisconsin. She moved to California to be closer to her children. She has two daughters and two sons. She also has seven grandchildren. She is known to be a very loving and caring person. She worked with her husband, who is a podiatrist, for about 20 years. But she is most passionate about helping others. She volunteered for 50 years at various organizations. Kaiser Permanente in San Diego was one of the places she volunteered the longest amount of years. At Kaiser she helped produce more than 10,000 stocking caps for newborns, and she volunteered at the gift shop. Elaine also volunteered and was the president of Hadassah, which is a volunteer organization that helps the people of Israel. Other than volunteering, she enjoys painting, sculpting and needlepoint. She has received recognition for her artistic accomplishments: she was a finalist in last year’s Ageless Art contest with her needlepoint creation “The Queen.” She also sold some of her sculptures. Elaine continues to use her creativity in art at Silverado.

Roger Brown

Rogers Brown

Rogers was born in Georgia. He moved to California after hi service in the army as a staff sergeant to be closer to his family. He is known to be a very hard worker and devoted family man. He grew up in a family of two sisters and nine brothers. He was the 12th child out of his 14 brothers and sisters. Rogers has three children, two of whom he adopted. He also has eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Rogers was very involved with church. He and his wife were known to make the best BBQ and they would cater many church and family events. In addition, Rogers and his brothers started a quartet and sang at many church events. Not only was he involved with church but he also held a fulltime job as a truck driver for most of his life. When Rogers had time off from work, church events and family events he enjoyed bowling. He was not known to be artistic, however he has started painting at Silverado and has created many beautiful art pieces

Walter Grueb_

Walter Grueb

Walter was born in Switzerland and is multilingual. He has four children: two boys (Mitch and Marty) and two girls (Bonnie and Trisha). He attended Paris Art Institute where he received his degree in architecture. Walter built and designed four of his own homes, including two located in Mexico. His favorite hobbies include drawing, painting and chess along with traveling around the world.

Walter loves scenic paintings and drawings and likes to teach art to the staff and residents and Silverado Escondido. One such art lesson resulted on this beautiful piece of artwork, depicting the Swiss Alps of Walter’s birth land. 

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