Retired Farmers of America

Location : Kingwood 
Retired Farmers of America

By Silverado Staff Writer

At Silverado, we take great pride in being able to provide engagement programs that are specifically catered to the interest of our residents.  In some communities, this has involved the formation of golf clubs, community service clubs and a variety of other programs that often involve children and pets.

Most recently, at Silverado Kingwood, a resident by the name of Roy Tye was recounting stories from his youth and growing up on a 500 acre farm in Williamsburg, Kentucky. He remembered growing corn while also raising mules, cattle, horses and chickens. These stories sparked an interest in some of our other residents, who then decided that they would to create their own “community farm.”

They dubbed themselves the Retired Farmers of America and with the help of an aspiring Eagle Scout, they were able to build a chicken coop to inaugurate their club. They also adopted three Rhode Island Reds by the name Kentucky, Frenches and Churches, whose initials fittingly spell out KFC.

The club even got its first egg, which spurred reactions like: “That looks like a really good Sunday fryers, when are we going to fry it… [and] be careful of the chicken snakes.”

 Our Kingwood residents had so much fun with their RFA club that they have decided to extend the club to residents of other Silverado communities. In the coming months, they hope to create a vegetable garden to share with residents of our Cypresswood community and are even thinking of adopting a goat for all to enjoy.


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