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At Home Personal Attendants

By: Tiffany Scarpelli, Care Management Specialist, Silverado At Home Orange County 

Silverado’s At Home Personal Attendants (PAs) have a big job. Their goal is to provide a level of support and compassion that enable seniors to live life to its fullest potential. Whether it’s in a household or in the senior care community the client calls home, it’s a job that requires a lot of giving.

Silverado PAs are selfless individuals who work long hours with the sole purpose of helping others attain a better quality of life.  They bring love, joy, compassion, friendship, and a sense of community to Silverado’s aging clients. 

Once a month, training for PAs is an enlightening experience. Topics range from Silverado’s corporate values and philosophy of care to caregiving guidelines like properly assisting a person from place to place.

While the goal of these trainings is to provide education and support for the PAs, everyone’s favorite activity is getting to tell their own “highlight” story. PAs share highlight stories like the time a client blew them a kiss goodbye or the time they helped a client organize their phone so that she could call her grandson. These stories illustrate Silverado’s philosophy of care and serve as a reminder of the personal connections that can result when people are not just cared for, but cared about.

One associate sums up their dedication by declaring that, “to be so giving is inspiring.”

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