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A Memory-Care Culture Where Love Is Greater Than Fear

By Silverado Staff Writer

Despite enormous strides in neurological research, no drugs or medical procedures have yet been found to prevent or cure memory-impairing diseases. As the studies continue, it is important for us to also consider the millions already affected by these diseases, the resident populations that were once seen as outsiders by many senior living communities.

Silverado Co-Founders Loren Shook and Steve Winner saw this inequality and took a stand to make a difference. They created Silverado with the intention of changing how the world cares for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementias. Their innovative philosophy has since permeated the senior care industry and their person-centered approach has even resonated with our legislative leaders on Capitol Hill.

“The Silverado Story: A Memory-Care Culture Where Love is Greater than Fear” details the practices behind Silverado’s success. The philosophy of care championed in “The Silverado Story” is meant to serve as a dementia-care resource for professional and family caregivers, but also as a call to action for society-at-large to overcome the stigma associated with memory-impairment.

“Our philosophy of ‘Love is Greater than Fear’ means embracing the memory-impaired and acting in their best interests through the spirit of love, rather than shunning them because of our own fears of the disease. This belief will be essential to making memory-impairment care as great a social focus as are the prevention and cure,” explains Shook.

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