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Childhood Music Training Can Protect The Brain From Alzheimer's

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Childhood Music Protect Against Alzheimer's

In a recent study conducted by Northwestern University, neurobiologists studied the relationship between early music training and cognitive function in older adults. Interestingly, the findings indicate that early music training can help deter the onset of dementia and improve cognitive function in later years.

In a study of 44 adults between the ages 55 and 76, participants were divided into three groups based on formal musical training: none (0 years), little (1-3 years) and moderate (4-14 years). The study found that the moderate training group had the most efficient and fastest processing cognitive functioning when compared to the other two participant groups.

Scientists theorize that reading and playing music activatesmany different areas of the brain, keeping synapses healthy and functioning well. By engaging several areas of the brain, musical training helps build normal connections and boosts the mind’s ability to cope with damages and aging, thereby, protecting the brain from dementia and Alzheimer’s years later

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