100 Year-Old Musician Entertains Residents With Renditions of Classical Pieces

Location : Aspen Park 
Aspenpark Lowellh ENRICHED

Above, Lowell Hicks entertains Silverado residents.
Photo courtesy of Kristin Murphy, Deseret News

Each Silverado community is dedicated to developing programs designed to engage residents. At Silverado Aspen Park, that includes a special musical concert featuring 100 year-old professional musician Lowell Hicks, who entertains residents with his piano and marimba playing.

Professional musicians are invited to perform live shows for our residents and their family members to provide dynamic and mentally stimulating activity. Lowell appears at Silverado Aspen Park every Friday.

He has been performing at the community for over a decade, and has a personal connection with the community. He first heard of Silverado when his wife of 76 years was admitted into Aspen Park’s rehabilitation wing. He would regularly come with his wife to the rehabilitation center to perform. Once his wife was fully rehabilitated and no longer needed the visits, Lowell continued to come and play for the residents living in the community.

Lowell has developed personal relationships with each of our residents and associates. He even shares an extra special connection with a few of the residents because he was their music teacher in the past, often reminiscing about old memories that he shares with some of the residents.

Lowell’s Friday afternoon concert and his rendition of the “Flight of the Bumblebee” is something residents, family members and associates all look forward to each week. After more than a decade of weekly performances, Hicks is truly a part of the Silverado family. Associates greet him with a warm smile and hisfavorite drink — a cold cup of root beer.

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