Life Care Management


By: Susan Quinn, MSW, Silverado At Home

Finding out a loved one has been diagnosed with dementia or another independence limiting condition can be distressing. Understanding the condition, and its effects, and worrying about the unknown can build into a seemingly overwhelming crescendo. That’s why Silverado has Life Care Managers (LCMs). LCMs have the knowledge and experience to be loving, empathetic and compassionate helpers for the unknown road that families will be traveling.

By sitting with a client for a full assessment, a LCM quickly becomes aware of logistics, potential obstacles, levels of care needed now and into the future, family dynamics, financial and legal issues, the disease process, caregiver support and more.

When the assessment is complete, a thorough care plan is put into place for both the family and their loved one. This care plan is the roadmap that aims to make the journey life-enriching. As the client and family’s journey moves along, the LCM is always accessible for encouragement, support or extra help. Dealing with Alzheimer’s and other conditions can be a daunting task for a family, but LCMs are here to help serve as a guide!

Here are some of the items a LCM can help with:

  • Establishment of care in-home, in a community or wherever a family feels is most appropriate
  • Assistance dealing with insurance companies
  • Assessment and referrals for possible legal needs (Power of Attorney, etc.)
  • Arranging for transition from home(if necessary)
  • Medication management
  • Around-the-clock accessibility in case of emergency
  • Family mediation
  • Access to helpful care resources
  • Support groups and courses
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