Silverado Naperville Residents Stay Connected By Volunteering

Location : Naperville 
Volunteers ENRICHED

At Silverado, we recognize the value of the human spirit and believe that memory impairment and other chronic or acute conditions do not mean the end of a purposeful, rich life. We often plan resident volunteer outings and encourage our residents to keep connected with the local community by volunteering.

Silverado residents recently volunteered at the Naperville Food Pantry and decorated birthday bags for children from families served by the pantry. The resident volunteer outing was feature in the Naperville Sun article, "Groups find ways to keep dementia patients' lives fulfilling", Judy Harvey states:

"'Silverado has been excellent in helping her stay involved and connected. Their programs and the amount of personal attention she gets is great'...The care center aims to keep residents as connected and active as possible, Wylder said. 'We want them to be involved in meaningful opportunities in our (Silverado) community and the greater community'..."

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