A Magical Celebration

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Disneyland Athome Maryw ENRICHED

For most people, a trip to Disneyland holds the possibility of excitement and adventure; an opportunity to relive the magic of your childhood. And this was no exception for my client, Mary Wert. 

I was provided with an opportunity to take Mary to  Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. I thought this trip would be a positive, stimulating activity for Mary, bringing back precious memories, in addition to being a great birthday gift from her son!

When the day of the trip arrived, Mary was filled with excitement. She couldn’t wait to visit the parks! As we entered the gates, she began to tear-up with anticipation. The first thing we did upon our arrival was to go to City Hall  to receive her birthday button, a special item given to all birthday guests (no one would have ever thought that Mary would receive so many birthday greetings because of that pin).

We spent the day taking in the sights and sounds of Main Street U.S.A., riding a few of the attractions in Fantasyland, visiting the Enchanted Tiki Room, and discussing the newly remodeled, 1920’s entrance at Disney California Adventure Park. Later that day, we enjoyed the parade, which we all agreed was the highlight of the trip.

The look of delight on the faces of the surrounding children revived memories of happiness in Mary as she reminisced about the times she spent with her children at Disneyland in years prior. She remembered how her sons enjoyed the Disney parade and how they were always excited to see the entertaining floats. These moments were so meaningful to Mary.

After a long day and satisfying birthday dinner, Mary and I headed home. As our journey came to a close, she told me that this was one of best birthdays she had ever had. And I couldn’t have agreed more, because this was one of the best birthdays I had ever spent with a client!

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