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Thankful for Nurses

Location : Utah Hospice 
Nurse Appreciation ENRICHED

By Adria Loertscher, RN, Silverado Hospice Utah

Most nurses will tell you the reason that they decided to become a nurse is because they wanted to make a difference. I decided to become a nurse after caring for my grandmother who died of cancer, and that experience ignited a passion for nursing that I still have over 15 years later.

Although nurses come from all different parts of the world and they all have diverse backgrounds, there are many similar characteristics that make up what a nurse is. A nurse is brave. A nurse is strong. Nurses have the ability to care for your newborn baby and your 98 year old grandfather. Nurses laugh with their patients and nurses cry with their patients. Nurses work hard. They are professional, but also have a necessary sense of humor. Nurses advocate for your best care. Nurses are compassionate. Nurses are diligent. They are adaptable and they endure. Nurses are teachers. Nurses are innovators. Nurses have integrity.

These are just a few of the major characteristics of a nurse. Nursing is hard work, but extremely rewarding work. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all nurses and tell them they are appreciated and that we are all so very thankful for everything they do. They care for our Silverado residents, patients, and clients. They care for our friends and our family members. Please take time this month to thank a nurse for everything they do every day. Happy Nurses Month!

In honor of all the nurses out there, here is poem that was given to me the day I graduated from nursing school.

A Nurse’s Prayer

Please give me strength,
to face the day ahead.
Please give me courage,
as I approach each hurting bed.

Please give me wisdom
with every word I speak.
Please give me patience,
as I comfort the sick and weak.

Please give me assurance,
as the day slips into night.
That I have done the best I can,
that I have done what is right.

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