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Silveardo Hospice helps make memories on a special birthday

A birthday is a special day, especially one celebrated while on hospice service. Herbert Cline, a resident of Silverado Belmont Hills, celebrated his 97th birthday with family and loved ones — both longtime friends and his new friends from Silverado Bay Area Hospice. The special gala honored Herbert’s life accomplishments as well as his role as a father, grandfather, friend and an inspiration to others.

Family and friends reveled with Herbert as he adoringly read his cards and grinned for pictures. Everyone in attendance enjoyed a piece of the customized sugar-free brownie cake made by Mario, Silverado Director of Culinary Services, and his team. Then came the gift from the Silverado Hospice team.

A few weeks earlier Herbert had reminisced about square dancing. Lydia, Silverado Hospice’s social worker, called local square dancing clubs and arranged for some dancers to come into the community and dance for Herbert. For an hour he clapped and tapped his feet to the rhythm, his heart full of joy to experience one of his life’s great pleasures again. He shook the dancers’ hands and thanked them for a great time.

Even after the dancing, Herbert had one more thing to celebrate — his own pending graduation off of hospice.

While hospice care is prescribed for terminally-ill patients with a life expectancy of less than six months, the stress relief and focus on physical and spiritual comfort has shown to increase life expectancy for some patients. While Herbert’s improvement and forthcoming graduation from hospice is attributable to his own strong will, we like to hope that the team from Silverado Bay Area Hospice and Belmont Hills helped contribute. We are humbled to have been given the opportunity to be a part of his life.

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