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Designing Purposeful Living Spaces

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By Silverado Staff Writer

Silverado communities are thoughtfully designed to ensure that every aspect of our residents’ surroundings feels like home. The indoor “prosthetic” design compensates for declining cognitive abilities by integrating elements that promote mobility and independence, while in a safe environment. Our outdoor landscapes are also carefully considered. Their purposeful layouts complement the natural settings and are created to inspire stimulation and engagement.

Residents are never restricted from access to outdoor areas. In fact, they are encouraged to freely wander or take their pet companions out for a stroll on the community walking paths. Our looped gardens do not dead-end to limit confusion and frustration and have been intentionally paved with granite and gravel to improve kinesthetic strength.

Outdoor areas are also furnished with a variety of features that motivate residents to engage with their natural surroundings. Gardening is among the most popular activities for residents at Silverado and to inspire this hands-on interaction, planter boxes are placed at different heights throughout the lawn area to give even our least mobile residents the ability to showcase their green thumbs.

Other residents prefer sporting activities such as golf. These residents are often part of the Silverado Golf Club and hit the green at local courses, while others enjoy the common putting areas on the community grounds.

For those who prefer to sit and watch, the outdoor siting areas have been thoughtfully planned to take advantage of the scenic landscape. From elegant gazebos to the courtyard and patios, Silverado’s open-air environment provides endless choices for outdoor enjoyment.

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