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Essential Oils Comfort and Calm Hospice Patients

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Essentialoils ENRICHED

Comfort is the goal of hospice care, and Silverado Hospice is always seeking new ways to provide this to patients and their families. A wonderful example of this is the Essential Oils program, which uses scents to help calm and soothe patients.

Different oils are used to achieve specific effects on patients’ bodies and moods. From the many uses of lavender oil to specific treatments, like peppermint oil used for nausea, a large
selection of oils is available to help patients’ individual needs. Arthritis, sleep problems, itching and agitation are among the many conditions that can be addressed with essential oils.

Essential oils are a safe and natural alternative for symptom control, and patients can receive the treatments in a variety of ways. Oils can be applied as foot rubs, with massages or sprayed around the room. Lotions, while often used only to moisturize in many methods of care, are also used as an opportunity to provide aromatherapy benefits.

The Essential Oils program is now in use by all Silverado Hospice locations. Before the program was officially added, a pilot program was conducted to evaluate the benefits. 64 hospice patients received various treatments using essential oils and the results showed that, in addition to other benefits, 20 patients noted a reduction in agitation, 11 noticed healthier skin and 17 felt more comfortable and relaxed.

Serving patients and families who need comfort and dignity is more than a job for Silverado Hospice associates. It’s a calling that inspires hard work and innovation, which in turn provide a sense of accomplishment and pride.

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