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Words of Wisdom from our Silverado Residents

Location : San Juan Capistrano 
Hughospiceprogram ENRICHED

We're sharing some poignant (often frank and funny) wisdom straight from the hearts of Silverado residents. Though memory impairment may have affected them in some ways, their ability to receive and give affection is unchanged.

“The secret to happiness is love.” ~ Bill L.

“Love a dog.” ~ Don D.

“Be attentive to those you love.” ~ Betty R.

“ Marriage is the best and deepest friendship you’ll
ever have.” ~ Kay R.

“ The secret to a happy marriage…never live with
your in-laws.” ~ Cecile G.

“ Marriage isn’t always easy, but it is always worthwhile.”
~ Rosalie F.

“ You don’t need eyes to see that someone loves you.” ~ Alvin B.

“ You have to put the needs of others before your own if you
are going to have meaningful relationships.” ~ Maye E.

“ To have a happy marriage you must have the same belief
system whether you are a Christian or a Communist.” ~ Ted C.

“ To have a long and happy marriage you need to be aware
of each other’s wishes. You must respect and honor them.” ~ Earle C.

“ To be a good husband you have to try, try, and try
some more.” ~ Austin C.

“Don’t be too demanding of your spouse.” ~ Harold Z.

Silverado resident quotes collected by Doreen Cregg, Senior
Family Ambassador

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