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Brain Fitness with Nexus at Silverado

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Kimbutrumnexus ENRICHED

A message from Kim Butrum, MS, RN, GNP | Senior Vice President of Clinical Services

As someone who has dedicated my career to dementia research and care, I am thrilled to announce the launch of our newest program, Nexus at Silverado, which is all about building connections (Nexus is Latin for connection) through science and social engagement. 

Recent research indicates that physical, mental and social activity are potential means of delaying the onset of dementia and slowing its progression. Nexus at Silverado is an evidence based program designed with this in mind, with specific engagements and activities to further enhance the life-enriching care for those with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia.

Additional information will be shared as the teams continue to roll out the Nexus programming throughout our communities. The program is part of our commitment to continuously work with researchers — and stay on top of the latest studies related to memory impairment to find the best ways to care for individuals with dementia. Plus, the brain fitness components that make up Nexus at Silverado are good for us all, so we encourage families to join in too.

To review more details about the Nexus program, and to read some of the evidence supporting brainfitness activities, click here.

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