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A Silverado Caregiver Shares Her Account of Connecting a Silverado Resident with a Lifelong Passion

Location : Belmont Hills 
Lifelongpassion ENRICHED

Silverado Belmont Hills resident Father M. has always been an adventurous man, Hawaii among his favorite travel destinations. His deep connection with the ocean meant that every visit to the islands centered around visits to the beach, a connection so deep that he even had the Hawaiian Islands tattooed on his ankle as a sign of his love and passion. When the time came that he could no longer travel to Hawaii, Father M. still found comfort in visits to local beaches.

When Father M. was brought onto Silverado Hospice services, his health was gradually declining due to Alzheimer’s disease, and unfortunately he could no longer visit even the local the beaches he so loved. Realizing that his passion was a perfect match for Silverado’s wish-granting “Go Wish” program, I insisted on taking him to a nearby beach so he could feel the sand, smell the salty air, hear the crashing waves and see the beautiful ocean once again.

With the help of Mary Jane Alvarado, Silverado At Home Life Care Manager, we coordinated and planned an outing to Miramar Beach. On the morning of our trip, brilliant clouds blanketed the sky with a shimmering white. As soon as we turned the corner and saw the beach, Father M. lit up. We could truly sense him connecting with a feeling of nostalgia alive deep in his soul. We strolled along the beach, with the ocean a vast expanse beside us.

On the beach, Father M. seemed right at home. He took generous strides near the lapping waves, his gait relaxed and his expressions thoughtful. When we pointed out interesting rocks and seashells in the sand, Father M. would smile with curiosity, inspecting them with rapt attention and deep affection. “I love it,” he said softly.

On our way back to the car, I recited Psalm 23 and he tenderly said, “I love you,” his eyes shining with love. I knew at that moment that those three beautiful words expressed his devotion for his Lord, his family, his friends and for the lives he continues to touch. Even mine.

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