For the Love of the Song

Location : The Woodlands 
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Each of our Silverado residents has a unique story. For Bill Buckley, a resident at Silverado The Woodlands, that story involves music — lots and lots of music. 

Buckley first joined a record club during his days in grammar school, and he kept everything the club ever sent him. It’s only natural that when he became a Silverado resident in 2011, his extensive music collection came with him.

“I have thousands of CD’s and records,” admits Buckley, who was a drummer in his high school band, and a clarinet player for University of California, Berkeley. Though he enjoys pop and rock music, his favorites are still those of the great composers — Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky.

Aside from the melodies and intricacies of such classical composition, Buckley enjoys researching both the composers and their works. “The thing that interests me about symphonic music is that it has a history to it,” says Buckley. It was his interest and appreciation that led him to conduct a class at Silverado on this very topic.

The class meets twice a week and has become a highlight for many, with a regular attendance of about 25 residents. The classes provide a particular mental stimulation for all residents, though he tailors his classes for individuals that may be further along in their disease process. He prepares for his classes by selecting songs that are relatable and then outlines a few discussion points for each. “We try to have fun with it,” he says.

Music can connect people to memories which can be helpful for those who experience memory loss. Buckley’s class and his own love of music have created another opportunity for residents to be engaged. While some actively ask Buckley questions about the music, others participate for the sheer enjoyment of listening, because that’s really what it’s all about — joy.

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