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Q & A with a Silverado At Home Personal Attendant

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For Silverado At Home associates, working with a client is often more than just a job, it’s a chance to connect with another individual and in some instances develop a family-like bond. Earleen, a Personal Attendant for Silverado At Home Houston, is dedicated to creating these bonds with her clients.

During an interview, she describes not only what her role means to her, but also the value and personal rewards she experiences.

What does a personal attendant do?

Earleen: As a Personal Attendant, we work inside our client’s home and we do everything that they need to have done, that they possibly can’t do or would like assistance with, such as cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene and makeup. We take our clients to doctor’s appointments, shopping, out to eat, to church or to any other activity that they like to do. We also have access to the Silverado Memory Care Communities so we can take clients to participate in activities and to socialize.

Why is a Personal Attendant valuable to the family?

Earleen: A Personal Attendant is very valuable to a client because it gives them that one on-one connection. I treat my clients as one of my family members and love them all. I can’t see myself doing anything else. It’s valuable for the family because someone is there at the home that loves that family member as much as they do. Usually, I get just as close to the family members as I do the client.

What is your favorite memory working for Silverado At Home?

One of my favorite memories was with a client who had cancer and had a great family and one day the two grandchildren were over and we were playing with them. They jumped up on my lap and looked at me and said “We love you and we are so happy you are here taking care of Nana for us because we know you love Nana too!” And that just made my day. To know that the little children were so excited to see me and were comfortable because they knew I was there taking care of their Nana was priceless.

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