Testimonial: "I recognize quality and sincerity when I see it. It was everywhere..."

Location : Brookfield 

"Dear Mary Ann,

We have occasionally made contact through your cousin and my friend, Joe. It is only recently that I became aware of your position as Regional Director of Sales for Silverado Memory Care.  Coincidentally, in 2014, my father spent the last few months of his life at the Silverado care facility in Brookfield, Wisconsin. I am writing to describe that experience. 

My dad ended up residing at Silverado after passing through other facilities offering similar services. Services in kind, but not in quality. Their provisions were far more generic. Silverado concentrated on memory loss and its physical and psychological consequences. Your singular focus was on my dad's unique needs.

But, there was more. Silverado recognized that this was not only my father's crisis. It was a time of critical need for his family as well. They knew it before we did. They correctly anticipated a need to intervene in the grieving process. They were there both before and after dad's death. We would not be allowed to drift. The benefits of preventive intervention cannot easily be quantified, but they are surely appreciated. 

Special thanks go to the head nurse, Sandy, from Silverado, Sean and Tom, the social worker and head nurse from Horizon Hospice Care. They applied their skills to family needs perfectly. Credit is also extended to each and every Silverado employee I encountered. Regardless of job title, they had one common trait: compassion. On the morning of my father's passing, the head chef, who I had never met, found me at the opposite end of the building and offered his condolences. I have been in the hospitality industry for over thirty years. I recognize quality and sincerity when I see it. It was everywhere.

I would also like to thank those at the top of Silverado hierarchy. I am old enough to know that whether it is a nation, a household, or a business, leadership starts at the top. Someone had a vision of healthcare for memory loss. The trick is to inspire that vision to those assigned to carry out the details. Mission accomplished.


Jack Ignasiak
May 5, 2015"

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