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Enriching Lives for 20 Years by Loren Shook

Location : Home Office 
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As I reflect on the past 20 years, I’m most proud of the positive impact our associates have made on the lives of our residents, patients, clients, their families, and on each other. When we founded Silverado, we knew we wanted a company where everyone we touched felt that their life was changing for the better by being a part of Silverado.

The desire to create such a place came in part from my own experience searching for care for my dad many years ago. At the time, nothing like Silverado existed. It was disappointing but I knew that with great people, passion and the courage to persevere through the obstacles of naysayers, we could make a difference in the world. Once the Silverado experience came to life, it was immediately clear that we had created an environment and a culture like nowhere else.

After proving the model at the very first community, we pursued our strategy to grow Silverado so that we could make a positive impact on even more lives. Two things would allow us to do this: recognizing the power of culture that empowers our staff to change people’s lives, and tracking the outcomes of our care to give us deep insight into how best to provide quality of life for people with memory impairment. With leaders who embraced these two principles, we have had the honor of replicating the Silverado experience in 50 locations across eight states, becoming a true leader in memory care as well as hospice and in-home care. And over the years it’s been consistently reinforced that who we are and our successes are grounded in a solid culture.

The past 20 years has given way to thousands of stories — from funny to heartwarming — of lives enriched, as well as individual moments that matter. A son once shared with me that after taking his mother to dinner, he dropped her off and then looked back through a window. He said, “It’s very reassuring and gratifying for a son to see his mother embraced with love — even when they don’t know you are looking.” Moments like that are what make Silverado special.

When I look 20 years into the future, one thing is for sure... we will never stop touching the human spirit. And with a culture of unconditional love at our core, I am optimistic in our ability to continue to transform memory care. Our goal always was and still is to be the best in the world. In pursuit of that goal, we use the best that science has to offer for medical and nursing services, psycho/social support, family support and above all, touch the spirit that is in each and every one of our residents, clients and patients, to deliver world-class care.

As always, it is an honor to serve as CEO. God bless, and best wishes for a fulfilling 2016. 

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