New Urban Living Concept Opens in Los Angeles, with a Focus on Brain Health

Location : Beverly Place 
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We're proud to announce the grand opening of our new urban living studios that combines independence and brain fitness. THE LOFT is comprised of studio suites and modern common areas, combining urban living with attractive amenities and an emphasis on brain health. THE LOFT’s brain fitness program is specially designed for adults interested in improving their cognition and potentially slowing the onset and progression of memory loss.

The evidence-based program includes: mindful meditation to enhance wellbeing, discussions led by leading brain health experts, guided excursions that range from museum visits to cooking classes, a table tennis class based on a Japanese study demonstrating improved cognition and an improvisational storytelling course with the opportunity for self-expression and connecting with others.

“The idea to create this new type of living environment stems from demand created by baby boomers who are empowered to make lifestyle changes that promote a healthy brain, ultimately increasing the likelihood that they maintain quality of life well into retirement,” shares Program Director Yael Wyte. “The most exciting thing about THE LOFT and its programming is that it’s based on research from some of the nation’s top universities showing that there are modifiable lifestyle factors that may slow the progression of dementia,” adds Wyte. “Over the past year, our company’s memory care communities have been incorporating the research into their environment, and THE LOFT is an extension of that effort. We like to call it urban, active, brain healthy living!”

The suites at THE LOFT are available to any adult 55 or older looking to simplify their living arrangement, benefit from a brain healthy environment or looking for urban living close to many restaurants, attractions and shops. THE LOFT is located just minutes from some of LA’s most popular destinations, including The Grove, The Original Farmers Market and Beverly Center to name a few.

Click here for more information about THE LOFT.

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