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Testimonial: "The activities and caring staff at Silverado care for them with the dignity all people deserve."

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"I had the opportunity to leave my husband, who has mild-moderate Alzheimer's, at this facility for a week while I attended a business conference in Florida and then spent a few days of vacation on the beach with my brother. It was the first time I had left Bill overnight at a facility--other times he's been left briefly with friends. I was nervous, especially since I was going to be so far away. I shouldn't have been. I can't think of any place I'd want to leave my loved one--or go myself--than Silverado. I assume their other facilities are just as wonderful.

When we went for a visit, Bill immediately said "this place looks like the Waldorf Astoria." While we waited for Tony to arrive and give us a tour, someone showed us how to make coffee and chatted us up--it was a resident. I felt like we were on a cruise ship. Nobody--NOBODY--was in their room. Everybody was engaged in activities, either planned or on their own.

The facility divides up the higher-functioning, more independent folks on one wing and those needing more one-to-one care on another, but neither had the feel of a nursing home. Friendly pets, a kitchen stocked with healthy and fun snacks, cozy corners for private visits with family or to curl up with a book--I was ready to move in! They have a lovely playground for grandchildren, and I understand a neighborhood school also brings children there to play and interact with residents. There's a patio with a grill for cookouts, and an enclosed courtyard. The two dogs, two cats, caged birds and rabbit are all rescued animals, and are sweet and friendly.

The day is packed with physical and cognitive activities, but nobody is required to do anything they don't want to do. I didn't see anybody resisting--the residents were friendly and engaged. They also have field trips and sometimes take sunset drives. It was more like a resort than a memory care center or nursing home. Even the drug cart looked more like a nice cocktail bar on wheels than a medicine cart.

When I dropped him off on the way to the airport my friend and I were invited to stay for breakfast (it was delicious) while the nursing staff and others came to greet us and make sure everything was in order. You can tell these folks genuinely love their jobs. Everybody--from housekeeping staff to upper management--met us with warm, genuine smiles--and I could tell they know every resident's name. As we were leaving to go to the airport, Bill played the piano in the lobby.

Several friends visited him while I was gone, and Tony kept me up to date with texts and pictures of Bill's art projects and a short video of him dancing during a social hour. All our friends raved about what a wonderful place it is. Bill was only there for a week of respite care, but he was treated like a long-term resident, and made friends there.

When I called he was happy and actually anxious to return to what he was doing, rather than talk to me! I plan to try to keep him involved or take him for visits now and then, and am looking into their day program, since he is not ready for permanent placement. However, if he was, and it fit my budget, I wouldn't hesitate to place him here again, whether for a short respite or long-term stay.

Look up the corporate website and read about their scientifically-based Nexus program and watch the documentaries about the residents. Few places live up to their marketing materials---Silverado does. I see so many people going into memory care facilities that are glorified warehouses for the old and sick.

People with Alzheimer's and other dementias are still alive, even if they can't communicate like they used to. The activities and caring staff at Silverado allow them to LIVE, encourage them to pursue their interests, and care for them with the dignity all people deserve. Silverado is amazing, and as much fun as I had on vacation, I'm a little jealous my husband got to stay there while I was gone."

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