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Testimonial: "Silverado takes these people under their wings and accept them as they are, and then carry them forward with patience and dignity..."

Location : Home Office 

"Dear Team Silverado,

I am writing to thank you for your service to my mother, Jean Armstrong. Jean began to have noticeable memory loss 10 years ago and, as you know, she lingered long with this disease. It would seem that she did not want to leave this life. I attribute that to the care she had at Silverado. She felt loved here and had social outlets that kept her connected. In fact, once early on, when I tried to take her out for a ride, she told me that she didn't want to leave the building. I have been able to have satisfying visits with Jean and then leave her behind without worry because I knew I could trust all for you to care lovingly for her.

Jean lived in our house for three years before coming to Silverado. She had a string of caregivers plus the personal attention the family could provide, and that seemed right, for a while. When it seemed that Jean would benefit more from a village for her care, we found Silverado and never once regretted the decision. Some of you have cared for her as individuals; all of you have cared for her as a team. You have all touched her life, and her passing, by being a loving presence in this building.

In your position, you give care to those at the end of their lives. You never have the satisfaction of curing someone. you know that the end of care occurs because life ends. You receive men and women after they have lived a full, dignified life, but all you know of them is the confused angry, mentally-impaired person who has been changed by dementia. You take these people under your wings and accept them as they are, and then carry them forward with patience and dignity. This is the task that you have been charged with and you do it so well!

I have seen and experienced many facilities, but none compare to Silverado. My family agrees that we were blessed to have this place available to us. We always felt happy to come here. We enjoyed the family events, appreciated the support groups and looked forward to your lighthearted greetings. I will miss coming here as part of my routine. I will miss your smiles and your hugs and the good food. And I will miss the other family members I have come to know. Thank you for being there for us. 

My prayer for each of you will be that you will continue to be strengthened in the traits that make you such special caregivers for our loved ones; your strength of character, you deep well of patience and your loving hearts. May you be blessed with a peaceful work place. May the work of your hands and hearts be a blessing to those to whom you give care and may you feel that love returned to many fold. 

With a grateful heart,

Julie Galvan"

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