Dementia Can’t Stop One Man’s Dedication to Fitness

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September is National Healthy Aging Month, and nobody is a better example of healthy aging than Steve Morgan! A resident at the Silverado Aspen Park community in Salt Lake City, Steve doesn’t let his dementia get in the way of staying fit and physically active.

Though he lives full-time in the community surrounded by a specially trained staff that sees to his needs, Steve takes regular outings to push his limits. Recently, upon hearing all the buzz about CrossFit, he took an outing with a Silverado associate to try a workout at a local CrossFit gym.


Steve spent the afternoon pushing his physical capabilities, which prompted the personal trainer to comment "The thing I was most impressed with about Steve was his character, willingness to learn, improve, and ask questions.” “He also managed to keep a smile on his face throughout the training!" he added.

In addition to being a fitness enthusiast, Steve also has a passion for the outdoors. During his younger years, he was an avid hiker. Seeing Steve's genuine passion, Silverado Engagement Assistant, Angelica, planned a hiking excursion to Mount Olympus in Utah.

Steve packed his backpack and was ready to go! They stopped at a nearby grocery store to pick up the perfect hiking snacks: jerky, cheese, crackers, protein bars, and water. Along the way, they met a man older than Steve who was also hiking Mount Olympus.  This man motivated Steve! He said “If this man can do it, so can I”.

Steve and Angelica hiked for 3 hours up the mountain and only had about 25 more minutes to get to the peak, but unfortunately ran out of water. They both enjoyed their scenic hike and Steve is already planning his next trip!

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