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12 Adorable Pieces of Life Advice Learned by Senior Citizens

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Whoever said “Kids say the darndest things” probably never gave second thought to another HUGE demographic so generous with witty wisdom.  We often forget that our senior citizens have racked up years of worthy stories (after all, most of them lived through World Wars), that perhaps they’re the ones we should look to for good advice and laughs.  We’ve rallied up some poignant (also frank and funny) wisdom straight from the hearts of some of our Silverado residents for your daily inspiration.  

“The secret to happiness is love.” - Bill L.
The Dalai Lama also once said that love is a “necessity, not luxury.”  

“Love a dog.” -Don D.
As if we needed another reason to be with our pets all day.  And it’s true--there are many proven health benefits with pet interaction, including lower blood pressure for dementia patients.  

“The secret to a happy marriage…never live with your in-laws.” - Cecile G.
Phew! Good call, Cecile.  

“Be attentive to those you love.” - Betty R.
Quality time is key.  So the extra effort to call and check-in, or to actually converse at dinner, all attribute to stronger connections and emotional health.   

“Marriage is the best and deepest friendship you’ll ever have.” - Kay R.
And suddenly, a list of Nicholas Sparks books comes to mind.

“Marriage isn’t always easy, but it is always worthwhile.” - Rosalie F.
Things that come easy won’t last, and things that last won’t come easy, right?    

“You don’t need eyes to see that someone loves you.” - Alvin B.
Tell us this doesn’t make your heart warm up.  We dare you.   

“You have to put the needs of others before your own if you are going to have meaningful relationships.” - Maye E.
Show you care, always.   

“To have a happy marriage you must have the same belief system whether you are a Christian or a Communist.” - Ted C.
House divided?  Whether you’re split on political parties or weekend sports teams, there come times to put differences aside.    

“To have a long and happy marriage you need to be aware of each other’s wishes. You must respect and honor them.” - Earle C.
Remember, you’re in this together.   

“To be a good husband you have to try, try, and try some more.” - Austin C.
If at first you don’t succeed…

“Don’t be too demanding of your spouse.” - Harold Z.
Yes, honey.  You can do the dishes tomorrow.   

Silverado resident quotes collected by Doreen Cregg, Senior Family Ambassador

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