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Can A Good Social Life Slow Alzheimer's?

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In a recent study, dementia specialists were intrigued with the role a wide social network played in possibly protecting against Alzheimer’s. The importance of maintaining social connections is a large part of Silverado’s philosophy. Here are four ways to stay connected with others and continue building your social circle.

MeetUp Groups
Meetup is now one of the most popular ways for complete strangers to come together based on specific interests. You can find anything from film lovers, to yoga, to shoemaking groups. Membership is free, and as soon as you sign up for your interests, you’ll watch your social calendar fill up almost instantly.  

Use Social Media
It’s no secret that the use of social media has made communication with our friends and family ridiculously easy. The same goes for making new connections. Follow your favorite authors or local organizations, become a voice on online forums, and look for special interest groups that will keep you engaged and chatting.  

If you make time to volunteer with an organization you’re passionate about, chances are the other people in the group are passionate about it too. Why not make friends while helping others in need?

Travel More
Meeting fellow travelers while you’re in a new environment can definitely develop a sense of comradery. Remember, you also don’t have to go very far. While you could book an international trip to Greece, you can also finally check out that gorgeous weekend campsite you’ve been eyeing.   

Most mentally supportive and worthwhile connections come from dedicated social interaction with a close group or an extensive community. At Silverado, we have the pleasure of dedicating our time to strengthening these relationships with our residents!

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