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10 Changes to Your Morning Routine That Will Keep You Focused All Day

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They say the way you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. We’ve all been there – chaotic mornings when you rush out the door, still feeling groggy. However, having a stress-free morning not only drastically improves productivity throughout the day, but also has many proven health benefits such as lowering blood pressure. Though some of us will never truly be morning people, simple changes in routine can make your early day just a little more bearable. We have ten simple morning rituals to keep you focused and energized.

  1. Don’t Skip Breakfast    
    If the goal is to make mornings bearable and productive, it’s time to stop skipping breakfast. It’s essential to eat a healthy meal to boost and energize us through the day. Think colorful fruits or veggies, a protein, and a whole grain.    
  2. Drink Tea
    The antioxidants from tea is said to reduce risks for cancer. Stick to freshly brewed teas, since powdered teas, or sweetened teas with added sugars and milk reduce nutritional value. Tea has a modest amount of caffeine, which promotes healthy blood flow, boosts brain power, and enhances memory and focus.  
  3. Listen to Upbeat Music
    Turn on some music with quick tempo to get yourself motivated to move, maybe even start an impromptu dance party. Dr. Seuss once said "I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells." Music is not only therapeutic, but takes us on an emotional journey. A song can bring back nostalgia, or heighten a mood–both excellent ways to release endorphins.
  4. Do An Extreme Stretch From Bed
    You can do an extreme stretch in bed even before opening your eyes. Lift your arms and begin stretching the length of arms to your hands and fingers. Then do the same for your legs and toes. Finally stretch out your back. Doing this loosens up your muscles and joints and enhances blood flow.
  5. Exercise
    If you feel the significant difference in your mood after early morning stretches (see above), why not step it up a notch with exercise to wake the brain even more?  
  6. Take Multivitamins
    Research has shown that many American’s don’t get enough nutrients and supplements needed for the day. Vitamin supplements can prevent deficiencies that lead to potentially serious health conditions. Try to keep multivitamins on the counter to remember to take them daily.
  7. Minimize Decision Making
    For a truly relaxing morning, reduce the number of choices and decisions to make. For example, the night before, decide what clothes to wear, prepare your breakfast ingredients, or put the coffee pot on a timer.   
  8. Work Your Brain
    Simple games or puzzles to start that day can help you be more productive the whole day. Start a crossword puzzle, play on a phone app that requires you to think, or read a book. Working your brain works different circuits when you do things independently or with a partner, so switch it up to get your brain stimulated. 
  9. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
    Upon waking, immediately drink a glass of water to hydrate your body and brain. Without water, your brain can suffer from memory function, focus, and attention span. It’s recommended to drink 2 cups of room temperature water right when you wake up.  
  10. Give Morning Kisses
    Kiss all the people you love (including the dog and cat) before leaving the house. Connecting with loved ones can soothe stress and reinforce emotional intimacy, keeping you alert and positive throughout the day.

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