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Words of Wisdom From Our Silverado Residents

Location : San Juan Capistrano 

With many years of experience under their belts, our residents have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. In recognition of February being designated National Heart Month, were sharing some poignant wisdom straight from the hearts of Silverado residents.

Have all the fun you can, that’s legal.” ~ Betty R.

It’s an elusive thing, happiness, but you have to keep searching until you find out what happiness means to you.” ~ Clayton T.

Family is the key to happiness.” ~ Margaret B.

Think more than you talk, think positive and stay out of trouble.” ~ Myrtle F.

Watch your and emotional.” ~ Ralph K.

Learn to cook and bake. There is nothing better than something homemade.” ~ Elsie T.

Don’t let jealousy cloud your judgment.” ~ Frances B.

Teach your children to be respectful of elders whether they like it or not.” ~ Margaret W.

Give a dog a home and he’ll bring you happiness.” ~ Dick S.

The more honest you are with yourself the happier you are.” ~ Alan S.

Enjoy laughing, drinking martinis and holding babies.” ~ Gloria R.

Be attentive to those you love.” ~ Betty R.

Marriage is the best and deepest friendship you’ll ever have.” ~ Kay R.

Simple times are happy times. Learn from them.” ~ Frances B.

Be good to your parents. Care for them when they get old.” ~ Grace C.

Silverado resident quotes collected by Doreen Cregg, Senior Family Ambassador

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