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Silverado’s Safety Response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

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By Loren Shook, Founder and CEO, Silverado

Please see our updated community visitor policy, as of 3/15/2020.

Silverado is committed to providing the best possible quality of life to those under our care, and a dedication to clinical excellence has been a cornerstone of our model since we welcomed our first resident. That commitment means taking the health of our residents, their family members and our associates very seriously.  

In light of the evolving outbreak of the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus) we want to share with you the additional precautions which follow the current CDC guidelines, that are now in place at all of our Silverado communities.

  1. A thorough "no visitors" policy is currently in effect in all communities, limiting (with very strict exceptions) anyone but residents, Silverado associates and certain healthcare and government officials from entering. Read the policy here.
  2. Associates with respiratory symptoms or fever are being asked to remain at home.
  3. We are providing repeated in-services and re-education to all of our associates on:
    1. Proper handwashing technique and expected frequency of handwashing
    2. Proper respiratory etiquette
  4. We have instituted a schedule of regular handwashing of all of our residents throughout our communities.
  5. We are following enhanced cleaning procedures with a viruscide with known efficacy to Coronavirus, focusing on cleaning frequently and wiping down surfaces that are commonly touched, such as door handles, touch screens, phones, keyboards, closet doors, rest rails, handrails, countertops, faucet handles.
  6. We have ordered an adequate supply of perishables to assure meeting our residents’ needs if the supply chain is disrupted.
  7. All residents will be assessed daily for symptoms of respiratory infection, and the evaluation and treatment protocols recommended by public health officials and the CDC will be followed.
  8. We will not move in any new resident who meets the CDC guidelines for COVID-19.

These precautions are added on top of our already-stringent infection control practices, which have been recognized by the Flu Health Initiative Research project at University of CA, San Francisco as a high water mark for such programs within our industry. We are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 outbreaks and will adjust our precautions as recommended by the CDC.

Thank you for partnering with us as we work to keep your loved one and our residents safe.

Updated Monday, March 16, 2020

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