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Commitment to Clinical Excellence

At Silverado we believe that treating the spirit is not something that can be separated from treating the body.

Providing world-class clinical care complements the support and warmth we provide, creating something greater than the sum of its parts. 

Find a Silverado Location

Find a Silverado Location

Clinical Outcomes

Since receiving our first resident in June of 1997, Silverado has tracked a range of clinical outcomes and quality of life indicators. Our goal is to deliver industry-leading results that show the Silverado approach to memory care is a highly effective means to enrich the lives of our residents and their families.

Physician Medical Directors

Because the requirements of providing dedicated memory care are more clinically demanding than offering it to just a portion of residents, every Silverado Memory Care Community and Hospice location has its own dedicated physician medical director.  This helps ensure the highest standards possible and maintains a focus of talents and resources. 

Medical Director FAQs

Silverado medical directors thrive on learning, applying and sharing the latest knowledge in the field. These video FAQs provide an excellent resource for families and professionals alike. 

Nexus at Silverado

From the Latin for "connections," Nexus is Silverado's evidence-based program designed to help residents in the early stages of dementia build and maintain cognitive ability, creating a reserve to lessen the impact of losses due to the disease's progression. 

Pharmacogenomic Testing

Physiology can impact how medications affects a person. in some cases meaning a drug may have little to no effect. Silverado uses pharmacogenomic testing to help ensure that residents' medications are effective and appropriate.

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