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Resources for Professionals

Below you will find resoures specifically for professionals - Silverado is unique and we want to demonstrate why.

One of the topics we address is clinical outcomes for our communities. These outcomes are very important to us because we provide a comprehensive care approach and we oversee the whole medical scenario. In order to do this effectively, we must track our outcomes just as medical providers do - it is how we measure our care and identify areas that need attention.


Does Silverado Help with Relocation?

Will Silverado help with relocation of my patient or client?

Silverado offers customized relocation services, tailored to meet individual needs – including, but not limited to, a recommended assessment of travel needs, coordination of travel arrangements and one-on-one care support. This includes working with medical professionals at their current facility to understand specific needs. These services can be used for local, national and international travel assistance – even vacations!

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