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Silverado Holiday Recipes

Food is a key part of the Silverado experience. Delicious fare encourages residents to stay nourished and experience the joy of eating and socializing. Smell and taste can also be powerful memory triggers, awakening fond recollections of special meals and occasions. At no time is this more true than during the holidays, where feelings of joy and food are so intertwined.

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Below you will find links to our favorite Silverado holiday recipes, some from associates’ personal recipe books, some from our culinary teams’ community menus. Please enjoy them in good health and share the joy they bring with your family.

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Cranberry Spinach Salad

Looking for something different to do with cranberries? This salad adds savory flavors and fantastic textures to make a truly delicious and unique side dish.

Cranberry Pecan Brie En Croute

Encased in a fluffy, crispy coating of puff pastry, this cranberry and toasted cinnamon pecan brie en croute takes traditional flavors and serves them up in a fun, delicious package.

Pumpkin Bread

Nothing says “holidays” like the smell of pumpkin bread filling the house. Try this recipe for a fluffy, moist bread that will bring your family back for seconds.

Roast Turkey a’la Leo

As the centerpiece of most holiday feasts, the turkey has to be perfect. Try this recipe for a mouth-watering bird that brings both traditional and new flavors to the party.

Turkey Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Finding new and exciting ways to use all those holiday leftovers is always fun, and this recipe helps take your taste buds on a tour of Southeast Asia.

Turkey Tetrazzini

Leftovers don’t have to be just lunches or snacks! This delectable supper is perfect comfort food for a chilly winter evening.

Turkey, Brie, Green Apple and Watercress Sandwich

This simple-yet-scrumptious sandwich is another wonderful, inventive way to use those stacks of holiday leftovers.

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