Casey and Joyce's Success Story

Location : Peoria Memory Care Community

By Taylor Creighton, Assistant Director of Health Service

On September 7th, Casey, Joyce’s daughter and POA, brought her to Silverado Peoria with a heavy heart and a mind full of concerns because Joyce is not only afflicted with Alzheimer’s but also has paraneoplastic syndrome with a visual variant. At 65, Joyce spent her days at home self-conscious and socializations limited to Oncology appointments and Neurological evaluations. Casey was feeling trapped herself needing the chance to recover from her own surgery, she brought her mother to us. Casey was worried about the size of our community and did not want her mom to “get lost”, and also warned us about her “anxiety” and could give us the klonopin if we needed it.

Joyce’s transition was so effortless that we did not need any anti-psychotics, and best yet after her latest Neurology appointment her MMSE went from an 18/30 to a 23/30. The Neurologist explained that even though she has only been with us for a short while she has made friends, participated in engagements and social gatherings, and the depression she was struggling with has lifted.

Casey shared that her mom was at the point of not being able to sign her name, and now almost being able to write a full sentence! Casey stated “we are BOTH happy”, and that if I knew she was going to enjoy herself so much she would have brought her sooner.

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