Testimonial: "Silverado gave my mom her life back."

Location : Scottsdale

"My parents are snow birds who winter in the Scottsdale area.  My mother suffers from Alzheimer's. We wanted to get her into a place where she could attend day care while giving my Dad a break from his caregiver responsibilities. Silverado was very accommodating when it came to scheduling what days my mom would come. My mom had the best experience.  The staff always greeted her with a hug and a smile to welcome her back. They were so professional and the quality of care was amazing. Their philosophy of care with Love over Fear can be felt by all who enter this fabulous facility.  Silverado gave my mom her life back."

-Kim P.

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 Testimonial: There are no words to describe how special Silverado is to my family and I


There are no words to describe how special Silverado is to my family and I. My grandfather was a resident here from 2014-2015 and he received the best care & was treated with the utmost respect.

 Testimonial: "I'm so relieved to have found this place for my mom. She finally seems to be thriving and happy again."


"The staff is loving and caring and makes me feel like part of their family..."

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