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Testimonial: "Silverado is the best possible place in the world for the care of victims of what is one of the worst and most cruel of diseases..."

Location : Sierra Vista

"...The long and short of what I want to say is this: Silverado is the best possible place in the world for the care of victims of what is one of the worst and most cruel of diseases.

Our wonderful 83 year old father has been in Silverado for 18 months now.  We knew he had Alzheimer's for some time before he went into Silverado, but a sudden decline brought on by miniature strokes meant he needed urgent care.  He was initially in hospital then "rehabilitation" places...what an insane use of the word rehabilitation. We conducted a frantic, full-on search -- unprepared, bewildered, and very sad. We looked at every Alzheimer's facility/memory care facility in the Los Angeles area -- well, not every one, but many many.  We were so fortunate to find Silverado and knew from the beginning it was for our Dad.

Silverado is a standout and we are all so very grateful that our father is so well looked after there.  When admitted, Dad was a zombie in a bed and sometimes in a wheelchair, heavily medicated and really out of it.  Silverado got him off all but the essential meds, and got him to walking.  They put hip pads on so he doesn't break a hip, and they try to get him to use his walker although he has been so independent that he has been walking around as he pleases.  He has had a wonderful time and re-developed his joie de vivre, joy of life.  After a relatively short time there, he came around fairly quickly to engaging with anyone and everyone.  Sure, he has had the attention span of the proverbial goldfish but he has been golden Dad, and he has obviously been enjoying himself.

The staff at Silverado are specifically hired based on their personal characteristics and they are coached and trained in further developing their caring, nurturing and engaging skills.  They learn to "join the journey" of the Alzheimer's patient, and they kindly teach the families and friends of these patients to join the journey. When Dad says "we're playing golf today," we say "YES!"  (By the way, Silverado do take some residents to the local golf course where the kind Silverado attendants drive the residents around in golf carts and let them swing the odd club, carefully.)

Also, it is important that Silverado actually specializes in Alzheimer's.  It is not an adjunct to aged care, so common at other facilities.  These people totally know what they're doing and they keep the families completely in the loop.  Your loved one will be placed in a group that is at a similar level of illness and his/her care will be focused on bringing out the best given the circumstances.

...There is no cure.  Not yet.  Providing the best care possible and joining the journey of your loved one are the only things you can do and my family is ever so grateful to Silverado for teaching us this.

Dad is now apparently in decline and so now we enter the last part of this journey. We are naturally so distressed but at least we know Dad is being cared for and loved so dearly.

If you are facing this dreadful task of considering the care for your loved one with Alzheimer's don't hesitate to go to Silverado."

- Patricia C.

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