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A Doctor Shares his Story of Moving his Wife into Silverado

Location : Belmont Hills

Dr. Peter Levine tells about his experiences

We measure our success in the happiness of our residents and their families, so when a family member feels inspired to share a few words about their experience we welcome the feedback. When Dr. Peter Levine recently shared his early impressions about the experience moving his wife into Silverado Belmont Hills, we were humbled and honored by what he had to say...

My wife has had dementia for many years, but she’d been slowly deteriorating. Then, when COVID hit, I became very concerned that her care at home would collapse if one of her three caregivers got sick. I felt that I needed to act before one of the caregivers became ill. Fortunately, I’d already been considering placing my wife at Silverado Belmont prior to COVID. I called Silverado and got in contact with one of their ambassadors, Anita Varelas and was relieved both that they were taking in new residents and that the paperwork I’d already started could be completed entirely online. Within nine days of my decision to place my wife, I’d gotten all the paperwork in, got it approved, and was able to place my wife at Silverado. Anita and all the people at Silverado were wonderfully supportive and efficient. I was thankful that we were able to complete the process so quickly and relatively seamlessly. 

My wife has now been at Silverado for 2 weeks. There’s been some ups and downs as the transition for her

has been hard at times. But, I’ve found that this is common. Diane, the social worker has been very responsive and supportive and has helped make this transition easier for myself and our two adult children. The pictures that Silverado had posted on their Facebook page helped us to see that much of the time, my wife was happy and doing well. 

Placing my wife in the midst of COVID was a hard decision, but the people at Silverado Belmont made it as smooth and relatively painless as I could imagine. I know we still have a ways to go with my wife’s adjustment to being in a new place, but everything I’ve experienced so far gives me the confidence that she, our children and I will be able to get through this.


Dr. Peter Levine 

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