Silverado Residents Go Winter Golfing

Location : Belmont Hills

By Silverado Staff Writer

Silverado was founded on the belief that people with memory-impairment can still experience full and happy lives, simply by being given the opportunity to participate in life. In the spirit of this philosophy, our Silverado communities have adopted a myriad of engagement programs aimed at promoting physical and mental stimulation.

One such program, The Silverado Golf Program that grew out of our Belmont Hills community, has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Seattle Times,, the Golf Channel and has been heralded by industry conferences as an innovation in memory-care.

Recently this program has spread to one of Silverado’s newest communities in Lake Zurich, Illinois near Chicago. After seeing the program featured on the Golf Channel, associates at the community decided to pair up with Lake Zurich High School’s golf team, knowing that several residents already had an interest in the sport.  And because the Lake Zurich’s weather is a little different than some of our other communities, they located a heated indoor range where residents could practice and play freely – away from the frigid conditions outside.

To no one’s surprise, the residents loved the outing and the interactions they had with members of the high school’s golf team. One of the students on the team jumped right in to show one of the residents how to place his hands on the golf club. Before he could finish, the resident had his stance and balls were flying.

A quote from the Golf Channel’s special sums up Silverado’s Golf Program well: “For all that golf can teach us, all of the parallels between our lives and this game, golf reminds us to live moment to moment, shot to shot. Sports psychologists call it being present. Silverado Senior Living calls it giving life.”

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 Testimonial: "Silverado Belmont Hills is a beautiful place, and it fits my sister's needs because she likes to walk outside."


"They keep all the doors open, so the residents can walk to the courtyard -- which is quite large. They can have a nice walk without getting off the premises..."

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"My relative's room in Silverado Belmont Hills is very nice. The whole facility has a resort-feel to it..."

 Testimonial: "The level of care is excellent..."


"Silverado is a beautiful home. It is always clean and well maintained. The staff is friendly and attentive to the residents..."

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