Testimonial: "Every Time I Visit She Tells Me How Happy She Is..."

Location : Belmont Hills

"My mother has been at Silverado for almost two years.  Every time I visit she tells me how happy she is.  She has friends.  She participates in activities.  Every caregiver knows her name.  She gets physical therapy.  The grounds are beautiful.  They contact us every six months for a meeting with the staff.  If I need an additional meeting they arrange it right away.  When we visit, they feed us.  I cannot believe the negative remarks in other reviews.  It doesn't sound like the same facility that we have experienced.  I consider Silverado state of the art memory care.  They really care.  They think long and hard about all decisions.  They organize support groups.  They have wonderful gatherings every month with entertainment and food.  Other memory care facilities don't even attempt all of these activities.  I highly recommend Silverado."

- Jan L.

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